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Tavrida Electric: 30 Years of Fundamental Research and Development

For the past 30 years Tavrida Electric hasn’t simply been imagining better circuit breakers, we’ve been inventing them. Through fundamental research into magnetic actuators, vacuum interrupters, and insulator design, Tavrida Electric has created the most compact, reliable and user friendly circuit protection devices on the market.

  • Imagine having a more reliable option than high maintenance spring charged mechanisms.

  • Then imagine a medium voltage vacuum interrupter that is so reliable it can operate 150,000 times at full load.

  • Finally, imagine that breaker being so small it can reduce your switchgear to half its current size.

  • 100

    SERVICE CENTERS world-wide

  • >150

    thousand KM POWERLINES

    around the world are automated with TEL reclosers

  • >25

    THOUSAND substations

    around the world are equipped with  TEL switches