26 March 2019

Tavrida Raises The Bar

Continuous Current Rating Extended

As demand for electric power increases, Tavrida Electric has received requests to extend continuous current ratings from many North American clients, both utilities and independent customers. Knowing that high continuous current ratings are especially important for primary distribution lines and substations, the Company is proud to announce an important achievement.

Tests performed at Powertech Labs, an internationally recognized testing center in British Columbia, Canada confirmed that Tavrida Electric successfully passed temperature rise type tests with its OSM type recloser. Continuous current rating of OSM is now officially extended up to 800 A and 960 A continuous overload. Tests were performed according to IEEE Std C37.60-2012 standards.  

To obtain details of the test report, receive an estimate or learn more about the full range of Tavrida products, contact your local Tavrida sales manager or regional distributor.