30 April 2021

Installed the First Batch of a New Product 10kV Three-Phase Draw-out Unit Basing Single-Phase Circuit Breaker VCB15_MD3

Tavrida Electric China (TEQ), together with partners, installed the first batch of a new product for the company: 10kV three-phase Draw-out unit basing single-phase circuit breaker VCB15_MD3 (10kV 31.5kA/1250A). Retrofit (old breaker replacement) of switchgear cabinets supplying capacitor 8 MVar at 220/110/10 kV substations with replacement of VD4 format draw-out unit.

Installing Tavrida new draw out circuit breaker

The project was created as part of the implementation of the concept of Point on Wave (POW). This solution allows controlled phase-by-phase opening and closing - thus providing switching at the "right moment", for example, at zero voltage. This allows our switches to be used for switching large capacitive or inductive loads, and also minimizes the appearance of parasitic harmonics.