Tavrida Electric Single-Phase Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Single-Phase VCB Series - Technical Details

Rated Data ISM15_LD_3 ISM25_LD_3 ISM15_MD_3
Rated voltage (Ur), up to 15kV 27kV 15kV
Rated continuous current (Ir) to 1000A 800A 1250А
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (Ud) 36kV 60kV 36kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) (Up) 95kV 125kV 95kV
Rated short-circuit breaking current (Isc) 20kA 16kA 31.5А
Rated peak withstand current (Ip, close and latch) 52kA 42kA 82kA
Rated short-time withstand current, 4s (Ik) 20kA 16kA 31.5
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Switching Performance ISM15_LD_3 ISM25_LD_3 ISM15_MD_3
Mechanical life (CO cycles) 50 000 30 000 50 000
Operating cycles, rated current (CO cycles) 50 000 30 000 50 000
Operating cycles, rated–short circuit breaking current 100 100 50
Closing time 30ms 35ms 20ms
Opening time 15ms 15ms 8ms
Break time 23ms 23ms
Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-10s-CO
Rated operating sequence at rated short-circuit breaking current O-0.3s-CO-15s-CO
3 Switching module closing, opening and break times excluding control module recognition time.
Standards ISM15_LD_3 ISM25_LD_3 ISM15_MD_3
Design class with regard to severity of service conditions in accordance with IEC 932, IEC 60932 Class 1 Class 0 Class 0
International testing standards IEC 62271-100, GB 1984-2003, ANSI C37.04, C37.06, C37.09, C37.09a IEC 62271-100, GB 1984-2003, IEEE C 37.09
Mechanical vibration withstand capability according to IEC 721-3-4, IEC 60271, IEC 60068 Class 4M4
Other Data ISM15_LD_3 ISM25_LD_3 ISM15_MD_3
Resistance of main circuit <40µOhm <40µOhm <17µOhm
Type of driving mechanism Monostable magnetic actuator
Weight 13kg
Auxiliary contacts ISM15_LD_3 ISM25_LD_3 ISM15_MD_3
Number of available auxiliary contacts 2 NO + 2 NC

Single-Phase VCB Series – Weight and Dimensions

Tavrida VCB ISM15_MD_3

15 kV Light Duty VCB ISM15_LD_3 Series

tavrida VCB ISM15_MD_3 Dimentions

Tavrida VCB ISM25_LD_3

27 kV Light Duty VCB ISM25_LD_3 Series

Tavrida VCB ISM25_md_3 dimentions
Tavrida VCB ISM25_MD_3

15 kV Medium Duty VCB ISM15_MD_3 Series

Tavrida VCB ISM15_MD_3 dimentions

Tavrida VCB series - Documentation

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