Tavrida Electric Withdrawable Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Withdrawable VCB Series - Technical Details

Rated Data VCB15_MD_16D VCB15_HD_16D CR15_MD1_16D
Rated voltage (Ur) 15 kV
Rated continuous current (Ir) 1250 A 2000 A1
3150 A2
1250 A
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (Ud) 38 (42)3 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak) (Up) 95kV
Rated short-circuit breaking current (Isc) 31.54 kA
Rated peak withstand current (Ip, close and latch) 82 kA
Rated short-time withstand current, 4s (Ik) 31.5 kA
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Switching Performance VCB15_MD_16D VCB15_HD_16D CR15_MD1_16D
Mechanical life (CO cycles) 30 000
Number of operated-isolated operations 500 cycles
Maximum number of CO-cycles per hour 60
Operating cycles, rated-short circuit breaking current 50
Closing time ≤ 60 ms5
Opening time ≤ 35 ms5
Break time ≤ 45 ms5
Rated operating sequence at rated normal current O-0.3s-CO-10s-CO-10s-CO8
Rated operating sequence at rated short-circuit breaking current O-0.3s-CO-15s-CO
Standarts VCB15_MD_16D VCB15_HD_16D CR15_MD1_16D
Design class of switching module with regard to severity of service conditions in accordance with IEC 60932 Class 0
International testing standards IEC 62271-100, GB 1984- 2003
Other Data VCB15_MD_16D VCB15_HD_16D CR15_MD1_16D
Resistance of main circuit ≤ 30 μOhm ≤ 25 μOhm6
≤ 20 μOhm
≤ 30 μOhm
Type of driving mechanism Monostable magnetic actuator
Weight 72-74 kg
127-157 kg
143kg 9 . 159kg10
(315,26lbs9. 350,53lbs10)
Auxiliary contacts VCB15_MD_16D VCB25_HD_16D CR15_MD1_16D
Number of available auxiliary contacts 6 NO + 6 NC
1 For PCD 210 mm.
2 For PCD 275 mm.
3 The information in brackets refers to the national Chinese standards GB1984-2003 at an installation altitude of 1000 m maximum.
4 FAt 40% d.c. component.
5 Smaller timing on reques.
6 For 2000 A.
7 For 3150 A.
8 The number of sequential Close-Trip operations with a 10 second interval should not exceed 10. The number of Close-Trip operations should not exceed 60 per hour. Sequence of 10s Close-Trip operations can be repeated only after 260 s pause.
9 For PCD 150 mm.
10 For PCD 210 mm.

Tavrida Withdrawable VCB series – Weight and Dimensions

Withdrawable VCB15_md_16D

15 kV Withdrawable VCB15_MD_16D Series

Tavrida VCB ISM15_hd_16D

Tavrida Withdrawable VCB15_MD1_16D

15 kV Withdrawable VCB15_HD1_16D Series

Tavrida VCB ISM15_hd_16d
Tavrida VCB CR15_md1_16d

15 kV Withdrawable CR15_MD1_16D Series

Tavrida VCB CR15_MD1_16d dimensions

Tavrida VCB series - Documentation

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