13 March 2018

Over 250 reclosers have been connected in Chile

Tavrida Electric is pleased to announce that we have reached a milestone. We have connected over 250 automatic circuit reclosers in CGE networks.

In this project, we have worked together with WiseAccess, a technology company focused on process management information systems, using M2M technologies and cloud computing. The solution comprises an integration of Tavrida Electric devices and placing them geographically through the SCADA Web Wisemonitor system via a secure cellular network, using Wisebox equipment designed and manufactured in Chile.

The fact that our RC5 recloser control module is user-friendly and easy to establish a reliable communication with integrated control systems has been successfully confirmed. It allows the user to gather data, send commands and monitor the network, all in real time.

This SMART GRID project example shows all the potential of Tavrida Electric reclosers and VCBs and experience of its technical staff when it comes to implementing communication and remote control solutions.