29 June 2018

The New Generation of Tavrida Electric Circuit Breakers

The VCB15_MD is the next generation of Tavrida Electric circuit breakers. Designed by our team of engineers with more than 30 years of experience – these circuit breakers are higher rating versions of the time-proven Tavrida Electric circuit breakers, renowned for exceptional reliability, operational speed, dimensions and maintenance free design.

Using the same single-axis design philosophy as the LD series, the MD series brings even more innovation in a compact package. At a height of only 35 cm, and as narrow as the LD type, the MD circuit breaker handles currents as high as 1250 A continuous and 31.5 kA short-time and interrupting.

Additionally, the brand new circuit breaker is available now in a withdrawable VCB version to be easily integrated into existing switchgear designs.

Feel free to check out our VCB Medium Duty online presentation with 3D models to learn more about features and benefits of the brand new switchgear: