3 May 2018

MILE switchgear – The new gem in primary distribution facilities in Oman

Tavrida Electric has won a tender in Oman for the supply of eight primary substations 11kV, including 128 switchgears. The customer, Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC), is the official distributor of electricity in three regions of the country: Ed Dakhili, Ash Sharqiyah and El Batina. This is an area of 80,800 m2 with a population of about 2 million people.

The main goal of MZEC was to modernize and improve the quality of electricity supply in the regions, in line with the increasing electricity consumption throughout the country as a whole.

For this project Tavrida Electric has provided one of the most popular switchgears in the Western market - MILE switchgear. This has a wide-range and a deep solution for the relay protection, as well as additional mechanical interlocks for draw-out elements and earthing switches, to prevent mal-operations during exploitation time. It is worth noting the thoroughness with which the company's engineers select the protective relays and the functions used in these devices. This can be seen in the feeders, where, for each type of protection, a separate relay terminal is used.

During factory acceptance testing, all representatives of MZEC were satisfied with the factory as a whole, and with the quality of the products. Guests, who visited Tallinn in the winter for the first time, were delighted to see the freshly fallen snow and enjoyed spending time outdoors, having filled their wardrobes in advance with warm clothes from local stores.

Presently, seven substations have been successfully tested. Some of the switchgears are already with the customers and some are still being shipped over. The last factory acceptance test for the remaining substation will be organized in the near future.

We thank Mazoon Electricity Company for its cooperation and National Power and Water Co. LLC for local support.