29 March 2017

Tavrida Electric - Provider of the Grid Connection of Photovoltaic Plants in Romania

SC Energobit Tavrida SRL provided consultancy and equipment for the grid connection of photovoltaic plants placed in the fields of Transylvania, or southern Romania. These plants were placed on slopes with a southerly exposure, where the light from the sun is optimum, transforming solar energy into electrical energy.

The customer is the SPG Energy Company. It produces, distributes and markets renewable and alternative energy resources.

Tavrida Electric’s goal was to provide a reliable solution for Renewable Energy Field investors that meets high technological standards. This solution should ensure that the power plant is interfaced with the grid, meeting all of the high quality requirements of utility standards for produced energy. It should also provide solutions to the National Grid Dispatcher: the co-coordinating authority that manages the National Electric Network. This assures by SCADA, remote control and permanent monitoring of the correct function and security of the National Electric System, providing a reliable solution to energy flow control.

As the energy production sector is one of the most dynamic industrial sectors, Tavrida Electric appreciates it as an excellent business opportunity. Our company was the first in this market, in Romania, providing reclosers as en-detail product in a very short period of time.

Our biggest challenge here was to meet the client’s requirements (more energy production) with National Dispatcher requirements, whose primary concern is the security of the system. Our company needed to offer a complete and reliable hardware solution that could meet these two criteria, maintain freedom of choice to the client and offer a kind of “flexible” protection in the control cubicle.

Tavrida Electric’s solution provided a secure and reliable answer to the customer’s needs that should exactly meet the imposed utility requirements on energy production.

The renewable energy field is one of the most attractive new businesses with some of the fastest development in recent years. It is also very challenging, a real test of our technical and engineering expertise, in order to meet the highest technological standards.

As a rule, each recloser project has been completed within a month.