20 grudzień 2016

The delegation of the Serbian company «EPS Distribucija Beograd» visited Tavrida Electric’s factory in Tallinn

«EPS Distribucija Beograd» representatives from Belgrad (Serbia) attended the Tavrida Electric Export factory, located in Tallinn (Estonia) that specializes in switchgear and recloser manufacturing.

«EPS Distribucija Beograd» - is the united operator of the distribution network in Serbia. «EPS Distribucija Beograd» delegation members were all heads of investment supervision and planning departments of the regional offices Novi-Sad, Kraguevatz and Kralevo.

As part of the visit, the delegates were shown around the MILE switchgear processing department and recloser REC series assembling department.  Also IEC 62271-111 standard acceptance functional test was realized. During the test the product mechanical, electrical characteristics and safety features were confirmed.

Tavrida Electric Export is one of the leading switchgear suppliers in Serbia, where its REC series reclosers have an excellent reputation!