28 kwiecień 2017

For a better future, think Sustainability

Tavrida Electric is first in its industry who has voluntarily switched to environmentally friendly sustainable and reusable package for reclosers. 

The adoption of the highly anticipated Paris Agreement at the conclusion of COP 21, and moving from agreement to implementation at COP 22, are nudging various industries and businesses to think about their ecological footprint and sustainability.

When it comes to shipping, wood is currently the King in the switchgear industry. Wooden crates are the most commonly used containers to deliver circuit breakers and reclosers. Given the cost to return empty wooden boxes, they are typically discarded or scrapped by the buyer. Moreover, if wooden crates and pallets were a subject of a chemical treatment against insect attacks or fungal decay, they are not allowed to be recycled and should be treated as hazardous waste. Hence it is not a surprise that the environmental impact of such a packaging method could be very high.

Tavrida Electric is a company that is aware of the global climate change effects and therefore implements various projects to reduce its environmental impact: from completely banning dangerous substances in its production to building energy-efficient factories. To mitigate the adverse effects of using the wood, Tavrida Electric now delivers all its reclosers in metal crates. The crates themselves are manufactured from recycled steel. Such package can be disassembled and used again, or simply recycled to make other products.