Tavrida Electric Automatic Circuit Reclosers 15-27 kV

Tavrida Electric Three-Phase Recloser for Medium Voltage ( 15kV and 27kV) Systems

Tavrida Three-Phase 15-27 kV Recloser for Mediun Voltage - Rec25_SSline

Key Features:

  • 15kV and 27kV Medium Voltage (MV) Systems
  • Up to 800A Continuous Rated Current
  • X6 Voltage and X3 Current Sensors Built In - Loop Scheme Ready
  • Magnetically Actuated Vacuum Interrupters
  • Tested to 30,000 CO Operations at Full Load
  • Maintenance free, Reliable and Light Weight
  • 5-year warranty

Available Configurations:

  • Three-Phase Gang Operated
  • Three-Phase Independent Pole Operated

Technical Parameters

Rated Data
Rated voltage (Ur), up to 15.5kV 27kV
Rated continuous current (Ir) 800A1
Rated overload current (Ir) 960A
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (Ud), 1 min dry 60kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (Ud), 10s wet 55kV
Rated short-circuit breaking current (Isc) 16kA 12.5kA
Rated short-circuit making current, peak 41.6kA 32.5kA
Rated short-time withstand current, 4s (Ik) 16kA 12.5kA
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Switching Performance
Operating cycles, rated current (CO cycles) 30,000
Electrical endurance, breaking current (O-CO cycles) 100
Closing time2 <40ms
Opening time2 <15ms
Interrupting time, for 50/60 Hz2 <25/23 ms
Rated operating sequence Refer to control manual
International Standard IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-111
American Standard IEEE C37.60
Other Data
Current Sensing 3/6 current transformers3
Voltage Sensing 6 Voltage Sensors
Main contact resistance (not more than) 95µOhm
Degree of protection IP65
Weight of switching module 176 lbs (80 kg)
1 800 A for 600:1 A CT ratio. 630 A for all other CT ratios.
2 Switching module closing, opening and break times excluding control module recognition time.
3 6 current transformers are installed to provide variable CT ratio functionality. At any time only 3 current transformers measurement are available.

Switching Module

Configurations OSM25_Al_2
Three-Phase Gang Operated + - + +
Three-Phase Independent Pole Operate - + - -
Parameters OSM25_Al_2
CT Ratio 600:1 60:1 / 100:1 / 150:1 /300:1 200:1 / 600:1
Rated primary current 600 A 60 / 300 / 300 / 300 200 / 600
Rated secondary current 1 A
Rated output, at PF=0.8...1 1.0 VA
Accuracy class of protection transformers according to IEC 61869 5P20
Accuracy limit factor according to IEEE C57.13 20
Accuracy class of protection transformers according to IEEE C57.13 C100 C20 C20 / C50
Rated continuous (overload) thermal current 800 A (960 A) 200 A (600 A) 800 A (960 A)
Parameters OSM25_Al_2
Voltage sensor ratio range 0.108 - 0.123 V/kV
Voltage sensors ratio error within rated temperature range 1.0 % for all 6 sensors

Three-Phase Recloser Components

Tavrida three-phase 15-27 kV recloser kit
  • Outdoor Switching Module

The Outdoor Switching Module is designed for use in a variety of different applications: an automatic circuit recloser, a sectionalizer on overhead distribution lines, also as an Outdoor Switching Module in distribution substation applications for voltages up to 27kV.

  • Recloser Control

The Tavrida Electric recloser is compatible with SEL-651R MRI Controller. Tavrida also offers customized control cabinets.

  • Umbilical Cable

A single umbilical cable, which can be provided in various lengths, connects the switching module and the control cabinet.

  • Mounting Kit Option

Tavrida Electric offers an optional Stainless-Steel Pole Mounting Kit with a variety of accessories. All Tavrida Pole Mounted Reclosers are fitted with customer specific options within a single lift package.


Tavrida three-phase 15-27 kV recloser accessories
  • NEMA 4-Hole or 2-Hole Pads with Wildlife Protection
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Single-Bushing Control Power Transformers
  • Primary Wiring for Surge Arrestors and Transformers
  • Ground Bus Assembly (single ground point for the utility)
  • Fail-Safe Trip Device
  • Test Switches for SEL-651R

Installation Options

Pole mounted Tavrida three-phase 15-27 kV recloser
  • Pole-Mounted Recloser

Tavrida offers an optional Stainless Steel or Hot-Dipped Galvanized Mounting Hardware Kit. Both options come equipped with provisions for surge arrestors, control power transformers and protective grounding. Tavrida Mounting Kits are appropriate for all types of structures including wooden, concrete or metal single poles and H-pole.

Pad mounted Tavrida three-phase 15-27 kV recloser
  • Pad-Mounted Recloser

For Tavrida’s Underground Distribution System Protection clients, Tavrida and its OEM Partners offer a Pad-Mounted Recloser. The fully customizable Tavrida enclosure provides exceptional operators safety and protection, and is resistance to harsh weather climates.

Substation Tavrida three-phase 15-27 kV recloser
  • Substation Recloser

Tavrida Electric offers a reliable and adjustable Stainless Steel Substation Mount Frame. Customers seeking out-of-the-box solutions, cost effective manufacturing and on-time project execution, Tavrida’s worldwide expertise supports its customers with a new distribution substation to retrofitting outdated substations.

Outdoor Switching Module Design

  1. Air insulated OSM incorporates a Tavrida Electric vacuum circuit breaker with a per phase actuator, housed in a corrosion resistant tank. Six main circuit bushings, made from UV-stable polymer, are covered with silicone rubber bushing boots. Each bushing has built-in current and voltage sensors for protection, measurement and indication purposes.

  2. Current and voltage sensing is installed in each of the six high voltage bushings. A variety of current transformers are available and the capacitive sensors allow voltage measurements on both sides of the interrupter.

  3. Tavrida Electric manufactures small vacuum interrupters with extremely long mechanical and electrical lifespans. A specially designed axial magnetic field distribution provides even current density over the contact surface and significantly improves the vacuum's interrupting performance. Carefully sel ected contact material, expert contact design and optimised switching result in bounce-free closing.

  4. The OSM is equipped with Tavrida Electric's innovative and much simplified vacuum circuit breaker. It uses three single-coil actuators; one per pole. All switching elements of a pole are assembled along a single axis meaning all mechanical movements are direct and linear. Three actuators are installed in a steel frame and linked by a synchronizing shaft.

  5. A mechanical trip hook is located at the bottom of the tank. The OSM remains locked and cannot be operated until the trip hook is pushed back into the operating position.

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