Tavrida Electric Automatic Circuit Reclosers

  • Sophisticated control and protection 
    Tavrida Electric reclosers are compatible with several 3rd party controls providing flexibility and a wide range of functionality.
  • Plug and play
    The Tavrida recloser is delivered as a complete system that can be lifted from the crate and installed on the pole in a single step.  Customer defined accessories such as surge arrestors, control power transformers, primary wiring, ground bus assemblies, etc. are factory installed which shortens the installation time.

  • Excellent customer service
    Tavrida Electric provides customer support at any stage of your project including equipment specifications, accessory requirements, installation, servicing and even product decommissioning.

  • Best value for the money 
    With maintenance-free design rated to perform 30,000 open and close operations, Tavrida Electric reclosers keep expenses to a minimum over their entire lifespan. They are installed on typical overhead feeders, significantly improving a network's key performance indicators and their use results in a quick return on investment.

  • Feeder Automation

    • Radial line recloser
      When a recloser is installed on a radial feeder it automatically clears transient faults and isolates permanent faults. More than one recloser can be installed on a feeder to isolate faults selectively and ensure fewer customers are affected.

    • Loop recloser
      A loop recloser further improves the reliability of a power supply by automatically reconfiguring a network in the event of a failure. 

    Feeder Automation
  • Substation Automation

    The Tavrida Electric recloser can also be used as feeder protection in a new substation or replace existing switches. The compact size, excellent switching capability, convenient busbar connection points as well as an optional substation frame stand of the OSM are will suited to simplify the substation design.

    Substation Automation
  • Renewable Energy

    The Tavrida Electric recloser is perfectly suited as the intertie between the renewable generation site and the utility grid. Tavrida Electric's experience with solar applications has led to a variety of solutions that address the nuances of renewable generation requirements.

    Renewable Energy


Outdoor switching module - OSM

  1. Air insulated OSM incorporates a Tavrida Electric vacuum circuit breaker with a per phase actuator, housed in a corrosion resistant tank. Six main circuit bushings, made from UV-stable polymer, are covered with silicone rubber bushing boots. Each bushing has built-in current and voltage sensors for protection, measurement and indication purposes.

  2. Current and voltage sensing is installed in each of the six high voltage bushings. A variety of current transformers are available and the capacitive sensors allow voltage measurements on both sides of the interrupter.

  3. Tavrida Electric manufactures small vacuum interrupters with extremely long mechanical and electrical lifespans. A specially designed axial magnetic field distribution provides even current density over the contact surface and significantly improves the vacuum's interrupting performance. Carefully sel ected contact material, expert contact design and optimised switching result in bounce-free closing.

  4. The OSM is equipped with Tavrida Electric's innovative and much simplified vacuum circuit breaker. It uses three single-coil actuators; one per pole. All switching elements of a pole are assembled along a single axis meaning all mechanical movements are direct and linear. Three actuators are installed in a steel frame and linked by a synchronizing shaft.

  5. A mechanical trip hook is located at the bottom of the tank. The OSM remains locked and cannot be operated until the trip hook is pushed back into the operating position.

Recloser Control

  • Tavrida Electric OSM can be operated by number of recloser controls. Besides Tavrida Electric recloser control cubicle RC_5 the SEL, Backwith Electric recloser control or other MRI compatible controls can be used.

    • RC_5
      Tavrida Electric RC_5 is a recloser control cubicle designed directly for OSM_Al series and represents a new generation control box that is the result of more than 20 years of recloser production and service experience. Advanced functionality for protection, automation, communications, monitoring and measurements make RC_5 an ideal solution for Tavrida Electric recloser.

    • SEL-651r Advanced Recloser Control
      Offers exceptional protection and communications capabilities for Automatic Network Reconfiguration, three-phase and single-phase tripping, and other distribution automation needs. These capabilities help you maintain reliable service to as many customers as possible in the event of a fault.

    • Beckwith M-7679 Recloser Control
      Is the next generation recloser control and protection system for advanced distribution grids. It provides over 30 protection elements, reliable monitoring and data logging, compatibility with three-phase and independent phase capable reclosers, numerous communication ports and protocols.

    * please consult local representative for additional information on these services.