16 Julho 2019

YPF Approves Tavrida Electric as Accredited Supplier

YPF has been a pioneer in petroleum exploration since 1907. They have a long history in Argentina’s oil fields and lead the region in technology and experience. With an annual revenue of $17.5 billion USD, YPF is responsible for half the Oil extraction and one third of Gas extraction in Argentina.<br />
With their investment in both extraction and exploration, plus the requirements of their new Shale Oil projects, YPF requires dependable, efficient, long lasting electricity distribution automation equipment. Currently, where applicable, they use 15 kV (power lines) and 33 kV (substations) reclosers to feed oil well pump jacks and substations distributing energy over a wide area.<br />
Tavrida Electric outdoor reclosers generated great interest among various YPF’s energy units during a product presentation. To build on their initial confidence, YPF designed a pilot project early in 2019 challenging Tavrida Electric to demonstrate their technical support abilities including communications setup and complete SCADA integration. Thanks to hands-on support from Tavrida Electric Argentina Technical Manager, Juan Sosa, YPF’s confidence in Tavrida Electric was well founded.<br />
With Shale Oil projects under heavy development in the Vaca Muerta Region, YPF has big plans for the future. In support of their developing, ongoing relationship, Tavrida Electric pledges their full range of equipment, services and technical expertise to help YPF achieve their local, regional and international goals.<br />
For more information on Tavrida Electric’s Oil&Gas solutions portfolio contact our local representative or regional distributor.