Tavrida Electric presents Retrofit

A feasible solution for switchgear lifetime extension

Tavrida Electric offers a complete project approach for retrofit applications, commencing with the customer's problem and culminating with commissioning of the project at site. Customers can trust Tavrida Electric - founder of the retrofit approach, with its 26 years of professional experience in this global market.


Retrofit is a cost and time efficient alternative to the worn-out switchgear replacement. It is possible to replace oil or SF6 circuit breaker with Tavrida Electric vacuum circuit breaker retrofit. Compared to full replacement switchgear retrofit allows the switchboard to be refurbished within short time without long power supply outages.

Legacy Circuit Breakers are still operating in many Utilities today. Most of these breakers have already exceeded their expected lifetime and are being considered for decommissioning. Originally installed circuit breakers may have become unsuitable for a number of reasons; such as their operational requirements, or their asset condition, or they may have a restricted network duty. Tavrida Electric offers a number of cost effective solutions to enable older equipment, that is no longer manufactured or in some cases not supported, to be retrofitted with a modern design circuit breaker in accordance with customers' current requirements. Our turn-key approach and universal retrofit kit (URK) applications offer a flexible solution to the customer's problem.

  • Tavrida Electric is capable of retrofitting a multitude of existing switchgear of any brand without limitations. This has become possible thanks to the world's smallest circuit breakers; the Tavrida Electric type LD and Shell series, which have enabled Tavrida Electric to acquire unique experience and knowledge throughout many years of retrofit activity.

  • Tavrida Electric provides the customer the complete management of the project by providing all services and products within the scope of the turnkey project. Working in partnership with our clients, our team is continuously developing new solutions to meet the challenges of retrofit applications, including RTU and SCADA integration, refurbishing of old trucks or manufacturing of new ones, project management and support from specialists in their fields.

  • Tavrida Electric products have always stood for high quality and reliability. Our engineering expertise and innovative design have brought out the full potential of Tavrida vacuum circuit breaker technology enabling its use in a multitude of projects all around the world. Tavrida Electric's clients benefit from our professional and experienced engineers, innovative designers, professional workshop and modern manufacturing line. Our team is ready to undertake any retrofit project, be it from our existing portfolio or a custom design. We guarantee our clients a solution that will meet their needs within the shortest time frame and on favourable conditions.