Why is the continuity of supply important?

Uninterruptable power supply is crucial to Industrial and Petroleum companies that operate continuous production lines or processes. Outages of power supply, even momentary interruptions, can cause severe damage to production equipment and damage the products being processed. Apart from the disastrous financial risks, a power failure can also jeopardize an operator's life. Chemical and Petrochemical plants, Logistics and Printing companies, Metal works, Power and Desalination plants, Oil Production and Transport companies and many others face daily challenges to secure permanent availability of electricity due to internal or external short‐circuit faults or power cuts for maintenance of equipment.

In order to ensure continuity of power supply, two independent incoming feeders are usually provided to switch the load over to a healthy source when required. Conventional Transfer Systems based on an undervoltage protection have to be coordinated with protection relays of adjacent feeders and the reclosing relay of an upstream breaker. This results in a time delay of as long as several seconds.