15 September 2017

Tavrida Electric supplies Mile Switchgear to power the biggest mine in Estonia

In 2016, Tavrida Electric provided its services and products to Enefit Kaevandused AS, the Estonian government mining organization for shale, to power up the drainage pumps, which control the melt-water level in the 66 meter underground mine. This 45 years old mine is one of the biggest shale mines in the World and the largest mine in the country.  It has produced more than 178 million tons of oil shale.  Implemented systems operate automatically and could be operated remotely through SCADA.

In 2017, Enefit Kaevandused AS decided to build a new surface substation in order to power up the underground grid in this constantly growing mine.  As the previous project with Tavrida Electric worked out well, the customer decided to use the company’s services once more.

The 110kV/6kV substation will be connected to the main transmission grid of Estonia. Tavrida Electric was very flexible in meeting strict requirements for medium voltage switchgear in main connection between 110kV transmission and 6kV distribution lines. The company implemented motor-operated mechanisms for circuit breaker applications, with a manually operated interface.

The whole project took not more than 6 months from design concept to supply. Eltel Networks AS is satisfied with implemented solution. The switchgear will be supplied in September 2017 and the substation will begin its work at the end of the year.