15 August 2018

Tavrida Electric supplied 50 reclosers for PKP Energetyka

In the second half of 2017, Tavrida Electric signed a series of contracts with the company PKP Energetyka (Warsaw, Poland) for the supply of Rec25 reclosers. The sale was preceded by a two-year period of presentations and tests of the first units that we supplied. As a result, at the end of 2017, the customer was supplied with over 50 reclosers. 

The main task of PKP Energetyka is to sell and supply electricity to traction (the cross-country electricity distributor to the Polish railway network) and business customers. The company also specializes in power engineering services. It provides nationwide maintenance and emergency response services to the railway network, operates fuel stations for diesel locomotives and is active in the reselling of electricity and gas. Its business is based on reliability, expertise and many years of experience, comparable, in that respect, with Tavrida Electric.

Rec25 are already supplied and installed on strategic lines in order to facilitate power for railway traction and to supply customers outside of the railway industry. Tavrida Electric Rec series reclosers are all maintenance free, lightweight and have an advanced control and protection setup that makes this solution one of the most well-known and reliable on the market.

PKP Energetyka has confirmed its intention to make further purchases of reclosers in 2018.