5 December 2016

Tavrida Electric Gets The Approval Of REC15 & REC25 In Egypt

Tavrida Electric North and East Africa (TENEA) has received the renewed approval from the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) for the full product range of reclosers with rated voltage from 15.5 Kv to 27Kv.

EEHC is the Government holding company for all Egyptian electricity distribution companies. Established in 1976, it works toward saving electrical energy for economic, social and all-purpose development projects that cross the unified electrical grid, through the necessary capacities and the highest level of technical specifications.

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company added a generation capacity of 7000MW during 2015 in order to overcome the previous shortages of electricity in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Egypt reached a position of having almost 3500 MW of reserved generation capacity in 2016 compared to its shortage of 8000MW during 2014.

The added generation capacity within this short period represents the growing challenge to meet increasing demand. Recloser became one of the most important parts of the national grid to meet  with customers expected power quality reliability indices, in terms of failures and power interruptions.

The approval committee, which is responsible for the approval of all equipment in the national grid, consists of 10 members that represent each electricity distribution company and a chairman representing the EEHC.  In order to secure approval, applicants must adhere to the following strict procedure:

1.    Provide a complete type test report from one of the international laboratories on EEHC’s approved list.
2.    Provide additional type test reports for all possible tests which can be done by Pyramids extra high voltage laboratory in Cairo.
3.    Check for conformity of the product with EEHC specifications and requirements.
4.    Track the previous history, failures record and performance of the product within the Egyptian unified grid.
5.    Conform to EEHC requirements in providing after sales service and maintenance provision to customers.

Tavrida Electric North and East Africa (TENEA) has successfully obtained the approval, due to the conformity of the company’s reclosers to EEHC requirements, especially in the detection of sensitive earth fault currents, conformity of Tavrida's recloser type test reports and of TENEA's ability to provide customer service and support to end users.

Tavrida Electric is the market leader in Egypt and North Africa with more than 400 reclosers in service since 2004. TENEA provides full customer service to clients, including SCADA application, programming, protection setting calculation, supervision of installation, maintenance and after sales services through specifically dedicated product managers.