20 May 2016

Switchgear Project For Jordanian Cement Factory

Tavrida Electric Export executed complete project for a cement factory which belongs to Northern Cement Company group (NCC ) , which is one of the leading manufacturers of cement in the Middle East region, NCC has several factories in Middle East region with production capacity of more than one million tons per year. NCC main’s objective is to cover the market demand and improve the cement production sector by supplying the highest quality of cement targeting the environment, nature, and health protection as well as the contribution in reducing factors of climate alterations, NCC is seeking a continuous improvement of its environmental function and the best use of the natural resources as well as reducing all types of emissions and exploring all methods of keeping tradition, natural view, and biological diversity.

For the best implementation of this policy, Northern Cement Company designed the plant with 32 high performance effective filters distributed in all parts of the plant ,these filters produce clean air less than 10mg /Nm3 dust which is lower than standards.

NCC is committed to do the followings:
  • Managing its activities in harmony with laws, specifications, and systems.
  • Limiting and controlling pollution by applying modern technology and work procedures.
  • Reducing and recycling waste and good safe disposal.
  • Periodical implementation of environmental review and investigation for sites and utilities.
  • The implementation of the environmental effect evaluation studies and to set off short and long-range plans to be harmonized with the local specifications.
  • Securing financial and human resources as well as qualifying and raising the environmental function

NCC was looking for a manufacturer who could make turnkey project including design, manufacturing, commissioning and training.

Getting this project was a really tough competition for Tavrida Electric, but Tavrida Electric Export managed to get the project because

  • The design and engineering for cement factories application requires wide experience in the sequence of control and operation of cement factories, Tavrida Electric Export has this experience due to several number of cement factories projects like Royal Cement Factory in Egypt, which the company performed over the last few years.
  • Tavrida’s product requires no maintenance.

The experts of Tavrida Electric executed the project, according to customer demands, and installed 2 medium voltage switchboards for extensions of the group production capacity: the first switchboard consists of 6 cubicles 11 kv , 31.5KA and 1250A; the second switchboard consists of 9 cubicles 3.3 KV , 2000A , 31.5Ka of which two cubicles will operate the new two cement mills. The project was accepted without any remarks from the customer. Khalid Sardieh the Head of Electrical Department who witnessed F.A.T in Tallinn: “Tavrida deserve to be one of the market leaders in the medium voltage switchgear field, the product is almost maintenance free, very reliable and the team of Tavrida is very professional, skilled and experienced in the cement industry requirements”.