7 June 2018

SWG MILE goes to the North of Sweden

Tavrida Electric has won the tender for the supply of 36 MILE 12kV switchgear to the Swedish electrical distribution grid - Sundsvall Elnät AB.

The special requirements of the customer consisted of a non-typical connection of incoming feeders, along with the full automation of the substation.

In the framework of the project, Tavrida Electric was obliged to redesign the standard equipment, to fulfill the customer requirements within a short timeframe. In addition, the company’s new circuit breaker will be installed in the switchgear for the first time. VCB HD has previously been presented at the largest European exhibitions.

Currently, the design stage has been fully completed, and the project has entered its production phase. The Switchgear is planned to be delivered until the end of August, to Swedish Nordic city - Sundsvall.