24 January 2019

Rec35 - From order to operation in less than 24 hours

Winter time in Estonia is beautiful, but it can also be very troublesome for the domestic power distribution network: Elektrilevi OÜ. Last week the island of Saaremaa in Estonia experienced a blackout for more than 13,000 customers, due to an accident in the 35kV GIS. The distribution network Elektrilevi OÜ in cooperation with the installation company Connecto Eesti AS called out to local Tavrida Electric Export AS for help. Tavrida Electric Export AS quickly offered a solution with the 35kV Recloser to be installed around the 35kV GIS.
The Recloser was ready to for dispatch by the next day with Tavrida Electric Export specialists on hand to go to the emergency site. Within just 4 hours the Recloser was installed and implemented in SCADA under the comissioning of Tavrida Electric Export specialists and the help of Connecto Eesti AS and Elektrilevi OÜ. In the next few hours a new 35kV detour line was built on Sakkissaare 110/35/10kV substation and it was working without complications.