20 June 2018

New retrofit for Jordan governmental company

Tavrida Electric has replaced twelve obsolete oil circuit breakers in the substation at the Zarqa refinery site. The refinery is located in Jordan, near to the capital, Amman, and belongs to Jordan Petroleum, the governmental company which handles the marketing and distribution of diesel and gasoline in the kingdom.

Their outdated circuit breakers have had many problems with closing and tripping operations. This interrupted the substation’s operation in general. However, the main challenge was to create a new perfectly matching auxiliary socket, similar to the old one, which would allow the utilization of the new circuit breakers with the cubicles without making any changes to the existing auxiliary cubicle circuits.

Tavrida Electric designed and manufactured a suitable draw-out unit on the basis of a vacuum circuit breaker ISM15_Shell_2. The draw-out unit had exactly the same dimensions and functionality of the original oil circuit breaker, using the new auxiliary sockets in the same way as the old circuit breakers and keeping the existing logic of interlocking. This project also included the creation of the control circuits for the circuit breakers.

All tests were accepted in Tallinn and witnessed by two engineers form JPRC.

The new draw-out units with TEL VCBs are now fully installed and have been energized since the middle of May.