1 August 2018

Installation of SMART35 in Mongolia

Tavrida Electric has implemented a pilot project to improve the reliability of the power supply for more than 4,000 consumers near Ulaanbaatar. Two SMART35 reclosers were integrated into the existing 35 kV network. It will automatically identify fault locations and sectionalize the line to restore the power supply after a power outage from an alternative source.

Prior to the project’s implementation, maintenance personnel spent up to 6 hours to locate and isolate the fault and restore the power supply. During that time four thousand customers were without power. Simultaneously, all line switching operations were performed manually by the maintenance personnel with the support of the remote dispatcher.

Following the installation of SMART35, the power interruption time will now be reduced to just a few minutes. Successful integration into the SCADA system allows remote monitoring and control from the dispatch center and increases the total observability of the distribution system.

The second stage of network automation in Mongolia will be the integration of more than 20 reclosers to improve the reliability of the power supply in 10 kV networks.