2 August 2019

Tavrida Electric recloser contributes in active distribution network research

Active distribution network can take advantage of information and communication technologies to manage distribution network proactively.

Tavrida Electric has supplied its reclosers to Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), Brazil to assist with the research and development project (R&D /ANEEL program) “Innovative Solution for Active Management of Distribution Systems”. The project is being developed in conjunction with RGE SUL and CPFL, two of the largest energy generation and distribution companies in Brazil.

As part of the project, new techniques for intelligent operation of distribution systems were developed, with unique advantages such as comprehensive analysis, offering a holistic view of actions and their respective impacts, including: self-healing, state estimation, protection, network reconfiguration, volt-var control, MUST management, energy balance, and LoRaWAN wireless communication network development.

In order to test and validate the computing platform with real-time applications, an experimental network was developed at UFSM including remote controlled reclosers, automatic capacitor banks, smart meters, photovoltaic solar mini-generation, remote control lighting loads, monitoring and control center etc.

The university will have a Vivo laboratory where the reclosers will be mainly employed in the research of self-healing algorithms, grid reconfiguration, coordination and selectivity of protections.

In May, Tavrida Electric has trained students, teachers, and professionals from RGE Sul and cooperatives in the region to operate the reclosers. In the future, Tavrida Electric reclosers will continue to provide unprecedented network intelligence protection in network systems all over in Brazil.

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