17 June 2019

Rezip algorithm presentation in CEMIG

Many utilities have very long feeders with a lot of branches. Such feeders are often susceptible to a large number of faults and consequently high SAIDI. To improve SAIDI utilities use reclosers, but the protection coordination is often problematic. Alternatively sectionalizers are used together with reclosers, but there is only a limited number of sectionalizers that can be installed and larger number of recloser operations is needed to isolate each fault, meaning many re-energizations onto the fault, fire and safety concerns and increased stress For such cases, Tavrida Electric has a simple and effective solution – the advanced Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration Algorithm “Rezip”.

Rezip is suitable for both radial and loop networks and allows greatly simplifying the task of protection coordination and power restoration in shortest possible time to the maximum number of customers.

Within three days in May, Tavrida Electric organized a technical training for engineering and operational personnel of CEMIG utility in Contagem City, Brazil. One of the main topics covered was Rezip algorithm. As CEMIG has a large installed base of Tavrida Electric reclosers it will allow them to implement the solution very easily and will not require huge investment since the Rezip functionality is already inbuilt into each of our reclosers. CEMIG engineers will study potential areas of application of Rezip where it is not possible to add another recloser device due to selectivity problem.

If you want to receive additional information about Rezip algorithm or get technical training, please contact your local Tavrida Electric representative.