Tavrida Electric automatic circuit reclosers offer the capability to easily connect various renewable and distributed generation (DG) to the grid and enhance the reliability of the power supply.

The Rec series reclosers have the ability to automatically disconnect the DG from the grid in case of power quality issues and to quickly reconnect when the power supply is stable. It can also perform a Sync check function to check the voltage synchronization of two independent systems. Tavrida Electric implemented this functionality by the development of a Close Condition Verifier (CCV) protection element. The CCV element has undergone the specified testing and compliance standard checks from Eskom utility, all of which were successfully passed, approving the recloser as an Independent Power Provider (IPP) connection circuit breaker.

Product range

  • Accessories

    • Complete the recloser installation with customer defined accessories, mounting kits, auxiliary transformers, primary wiring, ground bus assemblies, etc. Additional equipment can be supplied with the recloser in a same box to reduce installation time and cost.