1 July 2019

The MD portable demo unit

The VCB15_MD series circuit breaker represents the latest generation of Tavrida circuit breakers. It is the smallest in its class yet provides users with all required interfaces including manual closing/opening, operational and safety interlocking and indication, plus the highest levels of reliability.

To demonstrate how all the peripherals are connected Tavrida Electric has designed a simple, portable demonstration unit. The unit includes:

-          High voltage switching module

-          Control module (includes trip/close circuit supervision)

-          Manual generator

-          3 types of interlocks (Key switch, Rotary switch, Push-button switch)

-          Main contacts state indication

-          Manual trip button

The demo unit demonstrates the ease of accessories connection and circuit breaker integration into new or existing switchgear designs. To find out more about Tavrida Electric’s full range of circuit breakers and services contact your local Tavrida Electric office or regional distributor.