6 February 2019

Tavrida extends life of your OSM

Introducing Tavrida’s OSM-RC Interface Box

Electrical distribution networks depend on Outdoor Switching Modules (OSMs) to act as circuit breakers in substations and automatic circuit reclosers on overhead distribution lines, particularly in remote locations. In Brazil, between 2010 and 2014, network operators were supplied with more than 3,000 OSMs with conventional Current Transformers (CTs).

The OSMs were not compatible with Tavrida Electric recloser control RC5, so operators used third-party control cubicles. Many of those third-party units have now failed and are out of service while the OSMs remain fully operable.

To meet this challenge, Tavrida developed the OSM-RC Interface Box, a stand-alone, outdoor metal compartment connecting OSMs with conventional CTs to RC5 control cubicles.

The OSM-RC Interface Box converts conventional CT secondary currents from the OSM into Rogowski coil secondary voltages for reading by the RC5. The unit requires no separate auxiliary power connection to operate.

Avoid costly downtime and refits. Tavrida Electric RC5 Control Cubicles offer advanced, fully comprehensive, protection functions and a reliable, time-tested design. If your network has suffered third-party equipment failures or you are developing new network installations, please contact your nearest Tavrida Electric office or distributor.