3 December 2018

Tavrida Electric to protect mine workers and Vale’s bottom line

The challenges faced by the mining industry are varied and severe. In remote locations with extreme climates and subterranean working conditions any failure of critical components can result in flooding, explosions and injuries, even fatalities, for workers.
Tavrida Electric, one of the world’s largest suppliers of circuit breakers, reclosers and retrofit solutions, understands those risks. So when Vale Mining, the world’s largest producer of iron ore had to replace worn out breakers in 50 panels at a Brazilian mine, they chose Tavrida Electric to provide the solution.
Tavrida Electric vacuum circuit breakers are highly respected throughout the mining industry for their robust, reliable, compact and maintenance-free design. They are guaranteed for up to 50,000  close/open cycles over 30 years so there is no need to enter confined underground spaces for maintenance and repair.

Thanks to a unique, simplified design, Tavrida Electric vacuum circuit breakers offer 20 times the reliability of conventional units and can be efficiently integrated into any switchgear retrofit design, without long power interruptions or costly downtime.
Tavrida Electric is proud to partner with Vale Mining on their latest retrofit project.
We look forward to a fast, efficient resolution and a long lasting relationship.  
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