7 June 2017

Tavrida Electric circuit breakers in the deepest mines in the world

Tavrida Electric AG has completed a series of projects in South Africa to help mining customers optimize their power supply and productivity.
South Africa hosts eight of the ten deepest mines in the world. Mponeng gold mine, located south-west of Johannesburg is currently the deepest of these mines.

List of the deepest mines by maximum operating depth with TEL solutions installed:

     Name of mine    
Depth Location Type
    1  Mponeng Gold Mine  4.0 km  South Africa  Gold mine
    2  TauTona Gold Mine  3.9 km  South Africa  Gold mine
    3  Savuka Gold Mine  3.7 km  South Africa  Gold mine
    4  Driefontein Mine  3.4 km  South Africa  Gold mine
    6  Moab Khotsong Mine  3.05 km  South Africa  Gold mine
    7  South Deep Mine  2.99 km  South Africa  Gold mine
    9  Great Noligwa Gold Mine  2.6 km  South Africa  Gold mine

Reference: http://www.mining-technology.com/

Tavrida Electric’s vacuum circuit breakers provide protection and ensure the correct operation of various mining equipment and secondary systems such as jumbo drills, crushers, conveyors, hoisting, electric motors and drives, pumping systems, ventilation fans and many others. The maintenance process entails many difficulties: confined spaces, limited access to the equipment, harsh conditions and a long commute to repair equipment. Thanks to the simplified design, Tavrida Electric’s vacuum circuit breaker has 20 times the reliability of conventional circuit breakers, and completely meets the customer’s requirements. Our mine solutions are highly appreciated by the mining industry and provide the lowest possible life cycle cost, the highest safety, reliability, system availability, short project execution time and maintenance free design.

Image Source: http://www.anglogoldashanti.com