15 December 2016

A unique recloser project in progress in UAE.

Tavrida Electric, along with their partner company, Power Engineering and Technology, is working on an overhead distribution system automation project for the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) Company.

FEWA’s main objective is to cater for the electricity and potable water supplies for the population of the Northern Emirates. In order to achieve this main objective, FEWA has to create a balance between the cost of distribution and the supply price. In assessing this, it took into consideration the existing variable pricing strategies, studied consumption behavior, and created a public awareness that it hopes will overcome the waste of electricity and water by consumers. One of its objectives is also to provide qualifications and training, enabling citizens to work with FEWA
This project is unique for FEWA. The company is using reclosers both for the protection and automation of its overhead lines for the first time. Previously, in the case of failure along the line, the automatic circuit breakers on the feeding substation had to interrupt the power supply of all consumers of this line. This frequently led to discontent among the local population due to their environment’s extremely hot weather: it is impossible to live in an area such as this without continuously operating air conditioners.

The use of Tavrida Electric’s reclosers will allow the power to be cut only in damaged areas, without affecting the service to users in unaffected areas, and will solve the customers’ main problem.

Solution implemented:
  • 15 reclosers Rec15
  • Installation kit design
  • Protection setting calculation for every recloser
  • Installation and commissioning
  • SCADA deployment for all 15 reclosers

This project is also unique for the Emirates in general. With this solution, FEWA engineers will operate all devices from afar. This system makes overhead line maintenance faster and less expensive.
Currently the solution has been delivered and the installation is in progress.