5 September 2018

Tavrida Electric has held the first Meeting of Regional Affiliates from all over the World

The week started on July 22 was marked with the first corporate meeting held for the representatives of regional branches of Tavrida Electric from all over the world in Moscow. The event was named the World Sales Meeting (WSM2018). The event’s attendees were people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Canada, USA, China, Argentina, Germany, and South Africa. In total, almost all countries and continents of corporate presence have delegated their representatives: TER (TEL Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), TWE (TEL Western Europe), TNA (TEL North America), TEA (TEL Africa), TEB (TEL Brazil), TSA (TEL South America), and others.

During the two-day meeting, our colleagues shared the specifics of their markets, explored their customers’ issues, proposed solutions and best practices. The world is becoming increasingly global, therefore, despite our cultural and language diversity, it turned out that there was much more in common between our markets than it seemed at first glance. To go forward along the right way, we need to find our common grounds and opportunities.