23 May 2017

Tavrida Electric increases the engagement with South American partners

This April, Tavrida Electric organized the first training course for partners from all over South America to support and assist them with best practices for sales, engineering and customer service. The training program spanned 2 days, and covered developing theoretical & practical aspects of our solutions, working with TELARM software and conducting laboratory tests to observe the functionality of protection. This internal training received great reviews from the participants and will be available annually going forward.

Furthermore, from May 9th to 13th, a group of representatives from South American utilities paid a formal visit to Tavrida Electric’s manufacturing Plants in Russia. During the visit, they were given a tour through our facilities in Orel and Molzino. The factory in Molzino demonstrated the production lines for vacuum interrupters and control modules. The Orel factory, on the other hand, specializes in the production of withdrawable units for switchgear based on the ISM, Etalon switchgear cabinets and Rec15/25 automatic circuit reclosers. The guests had a unique opportunity to observe the main technological processes involved in the manufacture and assembling of Tavrida Electric products, as well as the quality control system.

The official representatives acknowledged the high level of production organization and control, and expressed the deepest interest into further partnership with Tavrida Electric.